Luminovation – Luminous Essence Lotion (Special Price)

$ 79.00

Achieve deep, lasting hydration with a 6 Jewel Complex of diamond, pearl, amethyst, ruby, white sapphire and topaz.

Immerse your skin in deep hydration

This all-in-one marvel infuses your skin with deep , lasting hydration and enriching it with nutrients.

Trust in the power of our six jewel complex ingredients to take care of your skin, making it healthier,brighter, more youthful, and truly radiant.

Directions: After cleansing and applying toner, massage gently and evenly on skin.

Dive into the Luminovation experience and discover the secret to radiant skin.


  • Part of the comprehensive Luminovation K-beauty skincare line
  • All-in-one essence lotion for comprehensive care
  • Dense moisturising ingredients for deep hydration
  • Six jewel complex ingredients comprised of diamond, pearl, amethyst, ruby, white sapphire, and topaz for healthier, brighter skin


  • Provides deep, lasting hydration
  • Enriches skin with bountiful nutrients
  • Transforms skin texture for a lustrous glow
  • Enhances skin health and brightness with six jewel complex ingredients
  • Optimises results when used as part of the complete Luminovation skincare lin


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